BHP Science Awards 2013

BHP Billiton Science Awards

On Tuesday I was privileged to attend this Awards Ceremony in Melbourne. As you know we were notified of six of our 2012 graduating Year 12 students being named as national finalists in the BHP Billiton Research Awards.  The students attended a four day Science Experience camp in Melbourne prior to the Awards and each finalist received a $250 prize. Whilst we weren’t awarded any of the major prizes this year, all six of our students are considered winners by all at QAHS, and the audience was impressed with our record number of finalists.  Finalists were (left to right):

Hiroki Hayashi
Additional skin protection by applying green tea prior to sunscreen

Saymaa Selman
– The effect of flooding in South East Queensland waterways

Daisy Ambach
– The effect of nutritionally enriched media on Arthrospira maxima

Reyhaneh (Seyedeh) Taghavi
– The in vitro biosynthesis of Catalase as a virulence factor in Escherichia coli

Jeremy Lynch
– Biomonitoring of vehicular air pollution using roadside plants on the Gold Coast

Daniel Warren
– Sequestering atmospheric CO2 by maximising C. vulgaris growth