Peter Garrett

Minister for Education Visits QACI

It was a wonderful opportunity to host the Federal Minister for School Education, Peter Garrett, on Wednesday. As I have experienced before, Ministers lead a very scheduled life and they work to strict schedules. A delayed plane flight does not help. The end result was that Mr Garrett only had 35 minutes with us and this was reduced further after his media commitments. Whilst genuinely interested in the innovative approach to education we are taking at QACI, it was quite a challenge to tour him and provide an explanation of our vision and aspirations within the limited time available. It was the proverbial elevator speech whilst visiting key sites within QACI. At one point he stopped the tour and commenced a discussion on creativity. He put forward his view that creativity is not a “light bulb” moment and all is done, but that creativity is a challenging process of breaking down an original idea, reworking it, having peers critique and evaluate, reflect and rebuild. He turned to me and asked “How do you delver learning that is for that creativity?” As my brain searched for an articulate answer, one of the student directors who was touring with us, stepped forward and said “May I answer that Mr. Jose? “ She then proceeded with, “Mr. Garrett, you have just described our everyday experience in our subjects such as theatre, visual art and film.” He was impressed.

I am still sewing the buttons back on the front of my shirt. – Pride does that to one’s chest.
John Jose – Creative Industries Campus Principal

Minister’s Visit – A Director’s perspective

Meeting the Minister for Education this Wednesday was definitely a unique experience. It was interesting to see a media conference first hand – when he arrived the media set up in a flash and began shooting, with journalists busily recorded his every word. Touring Minister Peter Garrett and his associates around our school was such a pleasure. Being a fan of the Creative Industries (and former lead singer of Midnight Oil) he was excited at the sight of the recording studio, stating ‘We didn’t even get to record on stuff like this!’ I felt an immense sense of pride, as I always do when showcasing the amazing opportunities our school offers.
Hannah Clayton – Student Director