Young Scholars QWC – writing sample

The Young Scholars participating in the Queensland Writers Centre online program have been busy story writing. Below is a work sample from Young Scholar Anna Wilde.

Run. That’s all I could think. Must run. I didn’t care if I left my brother and sister behind, I just had to get out. No! How could I be so selfish! They would come back for me if they were in my situation! Or would they…

Foot after foot. Breath after raggedy breath. Breathe, Kiera, breathe. I had to keep going… to get to… wherever. Somewhere. My feet and lungs were on fire. Obviously I wasn’t built for running long distances. At least not without water. Or a break.

I looked at my watch. 1 hour. I had been running for 1 whole hour! I had to turn back. I had never run away from home before. I wasn’t one of those rebel teenagers who die their hair bright blue and pierce every part of their body! In fact, I was only 12. A 12 year old fugitive running from…from what!? What was I even running from? Was all of this necessary? I know what my mother did was bad, but bad enough to cause me to run away? No. It couldn’t be. There had to be something else! What was I running from? Sheer terror. That was what I was running from. Yes. The sheer terror that is my life.

Then the reigning question came back to me. What about Renny and Kiki? They were only 6 and 9. They wouldn’t understand. I can’t just leave them alone with mother. Ergh, I hated even calling her that. That woman doesn’t deserve to be called a mother. Let’s just call her….the witch. Yes. That suits her….Stay on task Kiera! What am I thinking? I can’t do this. Leave Kiki and Renny alone? No way. I had stuck by them since the day both of them where born, so why would I leave them now?

I slowed my sprint down to a jog, then stopped. Where was I? I was surrounded by trees. Trees that towered over me like big giants. Big giants that were only one of many obstacles that stood between me and what I love the most. Not father. Defiantly NOT mother, But my very own brother and sister, of whom I had just deserted.

I had to focus. I was in a strange place that had to be at least 4, no make that 5 km away from home. Not like I wanted to go back, but the constant worry that somewhere far away, my brother and sister could be lying on the floor, cut and bashed by non-other than my own mother.

I turned back in the direction I had came in and prepared to start up my jog back to….whatever I called the place that I used to live, because it certainly wasn’t home. I had made the decision that I would go back, get Remmy and Kiki, fetch some supplies, and then return to…somewhere else. Anywhere but where I used to live.

As I turned around, I noticed something out of the corner of my eyes. Something was moving. Tiny, subtle shakes, but still movement. I held my breath and stopped in my tracks.  Suddenly, a huge, hairy beast jumped out from behind the bush. I heard an ear piercing scream ring through the forest. It took a minute for me to realise that the scream had come from MY mouth! I could hear the pounding of my heart and the rough breathing coming from my mouth. “P-p-please don’t hur-t-t me” I stammered. I knew it was ridiculous. A monster like that could rip me to shreads in second. I was only a young, oblivious werewolf.

Anna Wilde

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