Next generation medicos

Jane Sleeman
Principal – Health Sciences Campus

Eight students from QAHS will commence undergraduate medical degrees this year and are thrilled with their success in gaining entry into the exceptionally competitive medical courses.  The students are all looking forward to starting their degree with five commencing studies at Griffith University, one at the University of Queensland, one to Bond University and one to the University of Tasmania. Places in medical courses are greatly sought after by high achieving students and to have eight successful applicants from one small school is a cause for celebration at QAHS.

Having completed the IB the students feel they are ready for their university studies and, as all students are eligible for tertiary course credits, they can begin their degree with a reduced first year load or a combination of first and second year courses resulting in a faster completion of their degree.

Tait Hearps says his schooling experience at QAHS helped him get into the course he wanted. “I appreciate how the diversity of content and high work expectations in the IB Diploma Programme allowed me to reach my full potential while learning about a wide range of subjects which interested me”, he said. “I also loved the learning environment created at QAHS with all the students being bright, intellectually curious and interesting people and all the teachers being committed to us as students and willing to put in extra time and effort to help us achieve our goals”.

Whilst health degrees are popular with QAHS graduates, it’s not just about Medicine and Dentistry.  As all QAHS students undertake the International Baccalaureate they are well positioned across the full range of tertiary options and Academy graduates take degrees in fields including Architecture, Business, Education, Engineering, Languages, Law, Music, Psychology and Technology.

Five of the eight next generation medico students are pictured and have places at Griffith University, whilst Chris Cao will commence his studies at the University of Queensland, Emma McCabe at Bond University and Jiwoo Lee at the University of Tasmania.  Congratulations to our future medicos!

Griffith University Medical Students Pictured L – R  Jeremy Lynch, Tait Hearps, Sakhi Doshi, Ranadi Vincent, Lee Huang