The Importance of Science Literacy

The recently released report from the office of Australia’s Chief Scientist, Ian Chubb entitled SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY,ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS: AUSTRALIA’S FUTURE  highlights the importance of “  STEM education for all students—encompassing inspirational teaching, inquiry-based learning and critical thinking—placing science literacy alongside numeracy and language proficiency as a priority.” (September 2014, p 20)

The Queensland Academies are committed to playing a major role in the development of science literacy for all students. In the last two years – our National Science Week programs have created opportunities for students from across all three campuses and our network of partnership schools to engage  with a range of partners in order to position science  as an important vehicle  for global citizenry. 2015 Programming highlights included the Queensland Museum’s Future Science Debate and Lab Coat Lecture Series and our annual Queensland Academies Café Scientifique  at The Cube at QUT.