Preserving History for the Future

Masks are important artifacts that allow us the gain an understanding about the personality of historical figures. When I was at the National Portrait Gallery I took this image of the life mask of a very important American.

Who is he?

Who is this man?
Who is this man?
Why is he famous?

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Why is this process important?

If you could select an object to add to this website collection, what would you chose and why?

Looking forward to reading your responses,

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Dr Kathy Mackey at the Smithsonian

12 thoughts on “Preserving History for the Future

  1. To Dr Kathy Mackey

    I think the answer to question one is Abraham Lincoln
    question 2 ; I think Abraham Lincoln is famous because ,He had extraordinary strength and courage, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, because of this action the whole world ended slavery without war, but that shouldn’t be because the manner was necessary.

    For Question 3- I think this mask process is very important because it shows what he went through in his life, stress for example this is why I think it is important

    1. Hi Gilbert , You are correct it is Abraham Lincoln and that is fabulous that you have made a point of his strong personal characteristics. Your comments about the mask showing the signs of his stress are very mature. Well done , Regards Dr Mackey

  2. Hello Dr Mackey,
    My answer to the first question is that he is famous because he freed the slaves and was a president.
    My answer to the second question is that the process is important because for kids, they interact more if they are actually holding the 3-D head in their hands.
    My answer to the third question is that I would like to see a 3-D of Albert Einstein’s head to hold, because he is very interesting.

    1. Hi Lou Lou,

      Yes you are correct that Abraham Lincoln was the president who was responsible for freeing the slaves. I am sure that kids and adults would prefer to interact with 3d objects.
      Albert Einstein’s head would be great as he was also very creative,

      Regards Dr Mackey

  3. Hi Dr Mackey
    For Q1 my answer would be Abraham Lincoln.
    For Q2 my answer would be he was famous because he didn’t like the idea of prisoners so he demanded them to be freed.
    This process is important because it shows what he went though.
    For Q4 I would choose Duncan Chapman’s letters (the first ANZAC to land aboard the Gallipoli because he is a significant person in Australian’s history.

    1. Hi Matthew
      Abraham Lincoln is right and yes he had very strong anti slavery views.

      That’s a fabulous suggestion that we 3D model some letters from our war history. Keep up the great work , Regards Dr Mackey

  4. To Dr kathy Mackey,

    For Question 1: I did research and I found out that it is Abraham Lincoln.
    Question 2: Abraham Lincoln is famous for freeing the slaves.
    Question 3:This process is important because it shows what he went through.
    Question 4: I would chose the same idea of a head but Albert Einstein head because he is an important man because he created electricity.
    This activity was fun and looking forward to next weeks challenge

    1. Hi Lochy ,
      You are correct that our secret person is Abraham Lincoln and he was famous for freeing
      the slaves. It is an important process so we can preserve things that may be too fragile to last into our future.
      Albert Einstein would be great , he made some important discoveries and his face is full of character.
      Regards Dr Mackey

  5. Hi Dr Mackey
    The man in the mask was Abraham Lincoln. I found also researching him as I never new he was the 16th president of The United States of America.
    The process of getting his mask made is very important as children can learn more and the history of him easier by looking and investigating.
    The famous face I would choose would most likely be Obama as he has a few things in common like how they rule (they are nice and clever) what they became – The president of The United States.
    Thanks for the questions

    1. Hi Chloe,
      Yes, you are correct , it is Abraham Lincoln the 16th president of the USA .
      I am sure plans are also underway to make a 3D model of Obama’s head.
      Keep up the great work , Regards Dr M

  6. Hello Dr Mackey,
    Abraham Lincoln is the 16th president and also he saved the slaves. He was born in a cabin and on the mask of him you can see all the stress he went through.
    If I could choose anything to put into the museum I would choose to put somebody that fought in the first and second world war so that the children can learn about the ANZACs that fought for them.

    1. Hello Jorja,
      You are right – Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president and was very famous as he is credited with freeing the slaves. That is a fabulous idea that you have suggested the we make 3D models of important Australian soldiers. Well done ,
      Regards Dr M

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