Challenge Three!

Peace be with you!

A highlight of my visit to the Narita-san Shin shoji Buddhist temple in Japan, was visiting the magnificent Great Peace Pagoda. This five-storey pagoda was built in 1984 and has a time capsule hidden in the underground floor. The time capsule contains Letters of Peace written by 11 world leaders, including US President Ronald Regan, Queen Elizabeth ll, the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church, the Dalai Lama and the King of Thailand. It is due to be opened in 2434. How special would it be to open the time capsule in 2434!

  1. How old will the time capsule be when it is opened?

  2. Imagine peace was a thing! What colour do you think peace would be and why did you pick this colour?

  3. How is peace like sunshine?

  4. What message of peace would you like to share with the world?

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