Challenge Two

Come fly with me!

During my visit to the Japanese Museum of Aeronautical Sciences, I had the opportunity to view the world’s largest, movable model of a Boeing 747-400.


The Boeing 747 is a passenger airliner and is affectionately known as a ‘Jumbo Jet.’ It made its first flight in 1969, making air travel available to ordinary people around the world.   It has approximately 6 million parts.

The fuselage of passenger planes are egg shaped – as you can see from the picture – and the aluminium walls, light-weight and thin.

  1. What is the fuselage of an aircraft and what does it contain?

  2. Why is the design of the fuselage egg-shaped? What is unique about this structural shape?

  3. What modifications or alterations can you suggest to improve the design of the layout of the fuselage?

cutaway pic