Queensland Academies Celebrates Academic Excellence

Queensland Academies celebrates over a decade of academic excellence with strong results including 5 perfect scores of 45 points.

Queensland Academies are proud to announce that 5 students – Claire Livingstone from the Queensland Academy for Health Sciences and Thomas Wu , Christopher Malau, Youmin Chen and Jason Kaluarachchi from the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology have attained perfect International Baccalaureate Diploma scores of 45 points.

These outstanding students are all well on their way to successful career pathways:

  • Thomas Wu is planning to study either Medicine or Computer Science
  • Claire Livingstone is planning to study a Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Christopher Malau is planning to study Electrical Engineering (R&D)/ Computer Science
  • Youmin Chen is planning to study Economics and Finance
  • Jason Kaluarachchi is planning to to pursue a Bachelors of Commerce majoring in Actuarial Studies.

A further 8 students -representing all three campuses – attained scores of 44 points.

These students include Samantha Hammond (Queensland Academy for Creative Industries) , Angela Duong and Ayla Tartic ( Queensland Academy for Health Sciences )and Harrison Cusak , Karen Lee, Sashwat Mishra , Hyun Nam and Lucy Qu (Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology).

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