Queensland Academies: Opportunities beyond the IB

Queensland Academies provides students with opportunities to participate in a broad range of educational opportunities and competitions beyond the IB. Students from all three campuses have found remarkable success recently.

Students from the Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology Senior A Debating team won their debate on Friday night which puts them through to the semi-finals. Click here to read more

Students from Queensland Academies Creative Industries campus participated in the MLTAQ Languages Speech Contest on the Gold Coast. Congratulations to Josephine Mabin, Year 12 for her first place in the Ab initio category and to Laila Steele and Ruby Sinclair, Year 10 for their first and third place wins in the Year 11 competition category. Click here to read more

Angie Zhou from Queensland Academies Health Sciences campus received outstanding results in the Gold Coast Esteddfod, participating in 5 Piano Solo sections and showcasing her dedication to creativity and music. Click here to read more

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