Queensland Academies: Excelling in All Areas

Queensland Academies provides students with opportunities to participate in a broad range of educational opportunities and competitions beyond the IB. Students from all three campuses have experienced remarkable success recently.

Students from the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology recently travelled to Melbourne to compete in the Robocup Junior Australian National competition. The students took out first place and displayed outstanding teamwork. They were commended for their excellent demeanour, throughout the competition. Click here to read more

Four students from the Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus entered in the Creative Generation Excellence awards in Visual Arts with all four students receiving excellence awards at the Metropolitan Awards Night. The excellence awards promote and recognise excellence in senior visual arts education throughout the state. Click here to read more

Year 11 and Year 12 Business Management students from Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus were given the opportunity to sit the 2018 UNSW Business Studies Competition. For the second year in a row, a Year 11 Business Management student received the Queensland State Winner Junior Division Trophy with many others receiving High Distinctions, Distinctions or Credits. Click here to read more

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