Queensland Academies are able to assist families seeking homestay arrangements for students requiring accommodation. It is however the responsibility of the parent requesting homestay to meet the financial commitment of this service. Financial assistance is available to families living in rural and remote areas of Queensland – see information on the Queensland Academies Isolated Students Bursary details below.

Homestay for domestic students attending the Queensland Academies:

  • Queensland Academies do not provide a managed homestay service. However, the Queensland Academies admissions office is able to offer advice to families seeking accommodation for their child.
  • The Queensland Academies admissions office is also able to provide advice to families who may wish to become homestay providers.

Homestay for international students attending Queensland Academies: 

  • Please contact EQI on 1800 316 540 (within Australia) or +61 7 3513 5301 (outside Australia) to discuss eligibility. 

The Queensland Government enforces stringent homestay standards, ensuring high quality accommodation is arranged with convenient access to the Academy and that all homestay providers undergo orientation, training and police checks. For further details please visit the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian website.

Also please read through the EQI Homestay Handbook.

If you are interested in securing a homestay placement or providing homestay for an Academies student please contact us on (07) 3377 9366 

Queensland Academies Isolated Students (QAIS) Bursary

To apply, please click here: QAIS Application