Queensland Academy Creative Industries Campus 

Year 10 in 2020 

We have finalised the Standard Application Process for Year 10 2020 entrance (applications closed Friday 22 March, 2019). Principal's Discretionary applications can be submitted online and are assessed by the Principal on a case-by-case basis. Highly capable candidates with strong academic results seeking to apply should do so at the earliest possible opportunity.

Prior to submitting a Principal’s Discretionary Application for 2020 Entry, applicants are advised to contact the Admissions Office on 3377 9366 for advice.


Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus

Year 10 in 2021

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Standard Application Process Timeline for Year 10 entry in 2021 - Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus

Applications for 2021 Entry open

Applications are now open

Open Day 

Saturday 7 March, 2020

Applications Close

Friday 20 March 4pm, 2020

Testing Day

Saturday 28 March, 2020

Invitation to Interview

Shortlisted candidates only

Notice of Outcome

Late Term 2 2020*

*At the end of the Standard Applications Process, an application may be moved into the Principal’s Discretionary Process if additional evidence (documentation or other enquiries) is required to continue application assessment. Click here for further information

The process for submitting an application at Queensland Academy Creative Industries Campus for Year 10 in 2021 is: 

Submit an online application through the Queensland Academies Portal

Applicants sit the Edutest Entrance Test

Selected students are invited to participate in an interview

Applicants receive notice of outcome

Online Application

  • A student can submit one application only to Queensland Academies for entry into Year 10 in 2021.
  • When a student applies to Queensland Academies, they are making a commitment to their chosen campus. 
  • This application process is designed to be undertaken by students in Year 8 during 2019 or Year 9 during 2020 (or age or education program equivalent) for entry at the commencement of Term 1 of Year 10 in 2021.
  • Year 8 students who apply during 2019 will be prompted to submit their Year 8 Semester 2 Report Card and sit the Entrance Test during Term 1 2020. 

Before you apply:

  • Applicants seeking special consideration for the entrance test: contact Admissions prior to lodging your application. 
  • Applicants who live or study interstate, overseas or remote from the campus: Refer to for Edutest's Remote Testing Service eligibility and the additional remote testing fee prior to lodging your application. 
  • Students seeking to attend one of the Queensland Academies Campuses as an International Student need to make an application through Education Queensland International prior to applying to Queensland Academies.
  • Students seeking to attend one of the Queensland Academies Campuses as a Temporary Resident need to provide an Authority To Enrol email on application, or contact the Temporary Residents Admissions Centre to apply for this, prior to applying to Queensland Academies. 

To apply, parents/guardians are required to register their details and their child’s details in the Queensland Academies Portal. Once registered, parents/guardians are able to start new applications for their children.

For the Year 10 Entry application, you will be prompted to attach the following documentation in your online application:

  • A recent photograph of the applicant (a school ID or passport-style photo taken within the last 2 years)
  • Birth Certificate (applicants born in Australia or New Zealand) or Passport (all other applicants). International students and temporary residents should also attach visa evidence including visa subclass; Permanent Residents should also attach evidence of Permanent Residency. 
  • Medical Diagnosis Letter/Report* 
  • Evidence of Giftedness (test results if applicable)
  • Two most recent semester school reports (e.g. Semester 1 2019 & Semester 2 2019) If you apply prior to receiving your Semester 2 2019 Report Card, you will be requested to upload this document when available. 
  • NAPLAN results for Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 (or a reason why this cannot be provided)

*A medical diagnosis report/letter may be requested if an applicant is seeking special considerations (adjustments) for the Entrance Test. Please note that special needs requests and supporting documentation should generally be no more than 3 years old. Letters from health practitioners must be on an official letterhead and give clear information on the candidate's condition as it affects their ability to sit the Entrance Test and recommended adjustments. 

Entrance Test

The Entrance Test is a series of tests approximately 3 hours of duration that will be facilitated by Edutest. The tests will cover both ability and achievement.

Test Summary

The Ability tests 

Ability tests are designed to measure a child's ability to think, reason and solve problems, without necessarily relying on prior knowledge. Ability generally predicts how quickly a child will be able to learn and the level of complexity they can comfortably deal with.


Verbal Reasoning

30 minutes long


Measures the ability to think and reason using words and language. This includes vocabulary, word relationships, classification and deduction.


Numerical Reasoning

30 minutes long


Measures the ability to think and reason using numbers. This includes series, matrices, arithmetical reasoning and deduction.


The Achievement tests

Achievement tests are designed to measure actual achievement or performance in some key academic areas. Achievement scores are influenced by a child's ability, as well as the application and practise of knowledge that has been learned.


Reading Comprehension

30 minutes long


Measures the capacity to read and interpret meaning from written passages, as well as correct, complete and punctuate sentences.



30 minutes long


Measures year-level appropriate mathematical knowledge, including items tapping numbers, measurement, algebra, space and data.


Written Expression

15 minutes long


This test assesses the ability to convey ideas clearly in written form. Punctuation, creativity, construction, grammar, spelling and relevance to the task are assessed.


Applicants invited to attend a campus interview must bring the following:

1. Sample of academic work

The purpose of this sample is for the applicant to use it as a basis to respond to questions during the interview as well as communicate reasons they should be considered for a place at the campus for which they are applying. A portfolio of awards and certificates is not required.

The sample of work should be from an area of the applicant’s interest and should demonstrate academic excellence and innovation. The work sample should evidence an extended piece of writing or journaling; examples may include anything from a scientific research assignment, to a creative piece with supporting written analysis, to a school assignment. 

Please provide a copy of the work sample to be left with the interviewer (hardcopy printout or USB).

2. A statement of academic journey

This statement should be a maximum of one A4 page, font size Arial 10, outlining the applicant’s academic journey, including the highs and lows.


Notice of Outcome

Outcomes will be issued to applicants via email.

Parents/carers will be contacted by the school campus to accept their offer and pay the deposit fee. This deposit is deducted from the annual International Baccalaureate Programme fee when the student commences Year 10. 

Click here for information about Appeals Against Non-Offer  


  • $250.00 
  • Remote online testing incurs an additional fee. See the Edutest website for more details. 

There is no application process for scholarships. Eligible students and their parents/carers will be contacted by the relevant principal should opportunities arise. Applicants seeking fee relief for program and other fees are requested to contact the relevant Academy Principal.