Year 10 Selective Entry Application Process

We are currently finalising applications for Year 10 entry in 2019. Notification of outcomes to current applicants will be made in May. 

However,  the Principals’ Discretionary Process is open to prospective applicants who have not yet applied, but wish to be considered for commencement in 2019 should vacancies become available.

Please note that the Principals' Discretionary Process requires an application through our portal at a non-refundable registration fee of $150.  When the application is reviewed and if a decision is made to progress to a full application, the balance of the full application fee will be charged. See bottom of page for full application fees. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Queensland Academies Admissions Office prior to lodging an application if you require further information.

Students wishing to enter a Queensland Academies campus are required to participate in the following selective entry process while they are in Year 9. 

Note: Queensland Academies have a single point of entry into the IB Diploma program, which commences at the start of year 10. There are no, unless covered by the conditions outlined in the Year 10 Admissions Policy, mid-course entries to the Academy program.

There are four steps to the Year 10 selective entry process:

Step 1.

Submit an online application through the Queensland Academies Portal

Step 2.

Sit the entrance exam

Step 3.

Undertake an interview, bringing a sample of academic or creative work and a statement of academic journey.

Step 4.

Receive offer outcome

Step 1: Online Application

To apply, parents/guardians are required to register their details and their child’s details in the Queensland Academies Portal. Once registered, parents/guardians are able to start new applications for their children.

For the Year 10 Entry application, you will be prompted to attach the following documentation in your online application:

  • A recent photograph of the applicant (a school ID or passport-style photo taken within the last 2 years)
  • Birth Certificate, Passport or Permanent residency visa
  • Medical Diagnosis Letter/Report* 
  • Evidence of Giftedness (test results if applicable)
  • Two most recent semester school reports (e.g. Semester 1 2017 & Semester 2 2017)
  • NAPLAN results for Year 3, 5, 7, and 9 (or a reason why this cannot be provided)

*A medical diagnosis report/letter will need to be provided if requesting special considerations (please note the earlier closing date for this type of application). Please note that special needs requests and supporting documentation should generally be no more than 1 year old. Letters from health practitioners must give clear information on the candidate's condition as it affects their ability to sit the assessment.

Step 2: Entrance Exam

Applicants will need to sit a general academic test that has been designed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). ACER will mark the tests and analyse the student results on behalf of the Queensland Academies.

Entrance Test Information

The test has four parts:

  • A reading comprehension test (multiple choice - 45 minutes)
  • A written essay (paper provided – 25 minutes)
  • A mathematics/science test (multiple choice – 40 minutes)
  • An abstract reasoning test (multiple choice – 30 minutes)


What do I need to bring for the Test?

The test will require students to bring:

  • two black or blue pens
  • two HB or B pencils
  • photo identification (ie. student ID card or valid passport)

No other material or resources will be required for the test. There will be a short lunch break and students should bring a packed lunch.

ACER summary data is only available to students once they have commenced at the academy in Year 10. Queensland Academies will respond to requests received in writing and will provide this document post Day 8 of the academic year. 

Step 3: Interview

Students should bring to the interview the following items and ensure a copy of each can be left with the campus at the end of the interview:

1. A sample of academic work or creative work, and
2. A statement of academic journey.

1. Sample of academic work

The purpose of this sample is for the applicant to use it as a basis to respond to questions during the interview as well as communicate reasons they should be considered for a place at the campus for which they are applying. A portfolio of awards and certificates is not required.

The piece of work should be from an area of the applicant’s interest and one that they believe demonstrates academic excellence and innovation (laptop or hard copy). This could include scientific research, a creative piece or a school assignment and should evidence an extended piece of writing or journaling. Group work assignments or work that has required several rounds of feedback from teachers provide excellent discussion points that work to demonstrate the learner attributes of the applicant.

Please note that these work samples should be presented in a format that can be left behind with the Interviewer.

2. A statement of academic journey

This statement should be a maximum of one A4 page, font size Arial 10, outlining the applicant’s academic journey, including the highs and lows.

NB: Students interested in studying IB Music at the Creative Industries campus are required to show evidence of completion of (or working toward the completion of) a level in music theory equivalent to AMEB Grade 3 Theory.

Step 4: Formal Offer Outcome

Offers will be made to students on the basis of their application documentation, entrance exam results and interview.

Parents are asked to provide a deposit to secure enrolment which is deducted from the annual IB program fee.

All appeals against the Enrolment Eligibility Committee assessment of 'non offer' are to be submitted to the Queensland Academies Admissions' Centre within ten working days after receiving the 'Letter of Non Offer'. Call the Admissions Office on (07) 3377 9366 for more details about this process.

All appeals will be considered on merit in accordance with the enrolment criteria. The appellant will need to present evidence to substantiate a claim that the stated criteria have not been applied correctly, fairly or equitably.


  • $300.00 – for students applying under the Principals' Discretionary Process (All three campuses) 
  • $400.00 – for students testing at a regional/interstate testing centre
  • $500.00 – for students testing outside of Australia
  • $765.00 – Individual ‘out of round’ Testing fee for 2018 for Domestic students*
  • $865.00 – Individual ‘out of round’ Testing fee for 2018 for International students*

Please note: The application fee covers the entire application process: test, analysis of documents and interview. 

There is no application process for scholarships. Eligible students and their parents/carers will be contacted by the relevant principal should opportunities arise. Applicants seeking fee relief for program and other fees are requested to contact the relevant academy principal.

* Please contact the Queensland Admissions team before submitting an ‘out of round’ application on (07) 33779366 between 8:30am – 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.


Students seeking to attend one the Queensland Academies Campuses as an International Student need to make an application through Education Queensland International before applying to Queensland Academies.

Please note:

  • The application process is designed to be undertaken by students in Year 9 (or age or education program equivalent) for entry at the commencement of Term 1 of Year 10. 
  • Applicants can submit only one application per calendar year
  • You will be prompted to select one campus only.