Invigilator Arrangements – Sitting ACER Exam Off-Campus

If your child CANNOT test at one of our designated campuses because you are located regionally or overseas, you will need to follow the steps below to ensure that you arrange an invigilator to supervise their test at your location.

To facilitate the testing and application process, we encourage you to submit your application early and return invigilator forms as quickly as possible.

1. Note the application cutoff dates.  

2. Locate an Invigilator who can supervise your child for the duration of the test.  Dates should be discussed with the Queensland Academies Admissions Team prior to the application cutoff dates and before lodging an application.

This will require a time commitment of approximately 3 hours. The Invigilator must me someone who is not a relative or family friend, and has the professional capacity to undertake the task: a School Principal, Deputy Principal or Head of Department at school is ideal.  Alternately, a professional from your local Courthouse, a Justice of the Peace, University Lecturer or Legal Professional may act as Invigilator. Please note: the Invigilator must not be paid for undertaking these duties. If you have any concerns about whether your proposed Invigilator is a suitable choice, please contact Admissions before applications close:

3. Arrange an appropriate location where you child can complete the test. This may be an educational facility (School or University), Courthouse, or a Library. The location should be a where your child can comfortably complete the test (ie with a desk, adequate lighting, etc) and without disturbance.

4. Complete your application via our online portal before the cutoff date.

5. Our Admissions Office will email you with 2 short forms which you will need to forward to the Invigilator. The Invigilator must complete both forms; scan and email them directly to our Admissions office at:

We must receive these completed documents by the date specified by the Admissions team.

5. We will arrange for the test to be couriered directly to the Invigilator. After administering the test, we will also arrange for a courier to collect the test directly from the Invigilator, to be returned directly to us. To ensure security and integrity of the test results, it is essential that only the Invigilator handle the test.

For further information about this process, please contact the Admissions Office directly via phone on (07) 3377 9366 or via email at