Year 7 admissions policy


This policy outlines the procedure followed by the Queensland Academies in relation to the enrolment of students in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years (IBMY) Programme (Years 7–9) at the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT).

This policy aligns with the department-approved Enrolment eligibility plan for the QASMT campus.

Entry point for enrolment

The application process is designed to be undertaken by Queensland students at the commencement of Year 5 in their primary years of school (or age or education program equivalent) for entry at the commencement of Term 1 of Year 7. International students and temporary residents can apply to enter Queensland Academies for commencement of Year 10. Students who are currently enrolled in Year 7 may be eligible to apply for mid-course entry, should vacancies arise. Students currently enrolled in Years 8, 9 or 10 should refer to the Year 10 admissions policy and Year 10 application process.

It is important to note that students who accept an offer into the Middle School program at QASMT are enrolling for the duration of the full 6-year program. There is no transfer process for students from the middle school program at QASMT into the 3-year senior secondary programs at either Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus (QACI) or Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus (QAHS).


Students who are seeking entry into Year 7 directly as an acceleration strategy are requested to submit appropriate evidence of giftedness with their application as per the expectation of Education Queensland's policy statement: Curriculum provision to gifted and talented students (DOC, 662KB). This policy states that when providing a higher year level curriculum through acceleration, evidence that it is appropriate for this student must be provided. If appropriate evidence is provided at the point of application, students will be invited to participate in a specific pre admissions interview with the Principal or delegate, the Guidance Officer and the student's parents in order to evaluate the student's readiness to commence the admissions process.

Mid-course entry

Consideration may be given to students seeking mid-course entry into Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology Middle Years Programme where the student is currently studying the Middle Years Programme and a case for course continuity can be justified. It is important to note that whilst a vacancy may arise, this is rare. Students seeking entry should apply through the advertised timelines if possible.

For mid-course entries, the individual case will be considered by the Principal, taking into consideration the following:

  • Course entry point being requested
  • Academic program being studied prior to application and alignment of this program with the rigour of Academy programs at this course entry point
  • Availability of enrolment places
  • Suitability of the student against the Queensland Academies selection criteria and the enrolment eligibility plan

Mid-course entry cannot be sought where an applicant has previously unsuccessfully applied for entry in that year.

Students seeking mid-course entry must contact Queensland Academies Admissions on (07) 3377 9366 prior to submitting an application.

Student application process

A student can submit one application only to Queensland Academies in a given year. When a student applies to a Queensland Academies campus, they are making a commitment to that campus.

The application process gathers information regarding the student's contact details, medical history, educational history, accommodation requirements, previous achievements and aspirations.

All information relevant to the student selection process that may impact on the assessment of an application must be fully disclosed (where requested in the application, or in a separate statement submitted to the Queensland Academies Admissions Office) at the time of application. Should such information become available after application submission, this must be provided to Queensland Academies as soon as possible and prior to acceptance of offer.

Note: The Principal reserves the right to cease processing an application for a future student or cease the enrolment of an existing student where entitlement to enrolment has been obtained through false or misleading statements.

The following documents need to be prepared prior to commencement of the selection process:

  • Photograph of the student
  • Proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship or permanent resident status (i.e. birth certificate, passport, and if required, an Australian or New Zealand permanent residency visa)
  • 2 most recent semesters school reports (equivalent to 12 months of school reports)
  • All available NAPLAN results
  • Payment of non-refundable application fees
  • Parent acknowledgement that these guidelines have been read, understood and accepted

All students' applications will be acknowledged on receipt and any incomplete information/documentation will be requested before progressing the application through the selective entry process. Incomplete applications will not be progressed to the interview stages.

Complete and correct applications will be registered on the Queensland Academies Admissions database.

Student selection process

The selection process seeks to holistically assess the following attributes:

  • Demonstrated academic ability
  • A high level of commitment, work ethic and application to study
  • Demonstrated capacity for planning, effective organisation and time management
  • Very high levels of personal behaviour
  • Demonstration of personal qualities for success in a rigorous academic program

The assessment of a student’s suitability for a Queensland Academy will include the following processes to explore the attributes listed above:

  • Completion of the specified entrance test
  • Analysis of school reports and other academic performance data e.g. NAPLAN results
  • An interview by members of the Academy collegiate
  • Behavioural comments provided directly to Queensland Academies from the current school Principal or delegate

Note: The Principal has the right to withdraw an offer of enrolment should evidence become available that the student is not able to meet expected standards of behaviour.

The information received from each of the above selection processes will be analysed to determine an outcome for each student.

Re-interview arrangements

A decision may be made where justifiable circumstances exist, that the Principal or panel will reinterview a student where further information or clarity is required.

Enrolment decisions

The Principal is responsible for all decisions on selective entry enrolment and this decision on selection will be final. There is no internal review of the Principal's decision and no feedback will be given. Entrance test data is confidential, and individual results will not be released.

Re-applying to the Queensland Academies

Students seeking to re-apply must seek advice from the Queensland Academies Admissions Office prior to submitting a new application.

Last reviewed 19 January 2021
Last updated 19 January 2021