Student Profile - Daisy Goodwin

Queensland Academy for Creative Industries - Class of 2013

Daisy is a person of integrity and honesty who has the ability and personal qualities necessary for success in whatever occupation she follows and it is with a deep conviction that the Academy recommends Daisy to any institution or organisation.

Daisy has a Scholarship to Bond University to do a Bachelor or Sustainable Environments and Planning.   Long-term plans include applying to volunteer with the Australian Young Ambassadors for Development (AYAD) Program and journey to a developing country to lead an environmental program there.  She hopes to also use her photography to spread awareness about global issues.

IB Score - 41

School Highlights

  • Leader in Carbon Copies Film Unit
  • QACI Pathmaker Award Recipient
  • Young Australian Artist of the Year 2012
  • Runner up Computer Art category for Young Australian Artist of the Year 2012,
  • Runner Up Young Australian Artist of the Year 2013
  • Ambassador for the Brisbane 2 High Festival 2013
  • Semi finalist in Raffles High School Photo Competition
  • Semi finalist in the Maron Contemporary Photographic Prize
Class of 2013