Student Profile - Olivia Ronda

Queensland Academies Creative Industries - Class of 2018

School Highlights

2016 Year 10 Pre-IB Subject Award: Mathematics
2016 Year 10 Pre-IB Academic Excellence Award
2016 IB1 Subject Awards: Mathematics SL; Business SL
2016 IB1 Academic Excellence Award
2016 Artistic Excellence Award: Design Technology
2017 Apple Angels Student ICT Team
2017 ICT Student Leader
2018 IB2 Subject Awards: Business SL; Mathematics SL
2018 IB2 Academic Excellence Award
2018 IB2 Spirit of QACI Award
2018 IB2 Artistic Excellence Award: Design Technology
2018 IB2 Australian Defense Force Long Tan Award
2018 Student Governance: ICT Student Director
Assessment of Languages Competence (ALC) 2016, 2017, 2018: Listening High Distinction; Reading High Distinction

University / Career Aspiration

Olivia will pursue tertiary study in Engineering.

IB Score - 40

QACI Class of 2018