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In  2019, our outreach programs will  feature workshops that reflect the individual style of the each of our three academies. This enables us to tailor our workshop programs to suit needs of our younger students and for those students to build closer relationships with our campus communities. 

Bright Minds for Years 4-5

Queensland Academies offer a range of engagement opportunities for students prior to applying to join the Academies in Year 10.  The Bright Minds program offers optional learning extensions/opportunities for students in Years 4-5.

Bright Minds students will be invited to participate in a range of transdisciplinary inquiry-based workshops which will be offered by and held at a Queensland Academies campus. 

Workshops will be delivered by Queensland Academies staff and feature a high level of peer mentoring by our Academy students who are best placed to model the challenging learning that takes place in our unique learning environment.

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While the workshops will be framed around a range of 21st Century learning attributes, workshop topics will be drawn from a range of knowledge bases including:

General Sciences, World Citizenry, Junior Entrepreneurs, Problem solving, Exploring the Natural Environment, Creative Writing, Drama, Art, Technology, Poetry, History, Coding, Robotics and World Languages and Culture.


The Bright Minds Program is a fee-for-service program which incurs a one off application fee of $30 (non-refundable). Ongoing members are then charged an annual membership fee of $30.00 which ensures continued enrolment.  Annual membership fees will be charged once a student registers for a workshop.

Individual workshops generally cost between $30.00 and $80.00 (depending on the duration of the workshop and resources required). Workshop fees are charged upon registering for the workshop.

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How to Apply

Applicants are required to include the following documentation in their application:

  • Most recent two full semesters report cards (e.g. Semester 1 2018 and Semester 2 2018)
  • Year 3 NAPLAN report* showing that the child has achieved in the upper two bands across most components

*If your child did not undertake Year 3 Naplan, you must include a  letter of recommendation signed by their school Principal confirming the student's academic performance in Mathematics, Science and English is within the top 10 per cent of the student population.