Contemporary Learning


At the Queensland Academies we seek to create an educational environment that nurtures the contemporary learner. Within this environment Academy students are supported, challenged and coached to aspire to 10 educational outcomes:

  • Embracing a personal value system compatible to current realities which affect our planet as a whole.
  • Being a leader of self and others – being a path maker rather than a path taker.
  • Developing a successful career path, which comprises job making rather than job taking
  • Being a life-long, learning-driven and just-in-time learner, adapting easily to change and seeing learning as an essential part of life.
  • Being an enterprising innovative person who continuously develops one’s own creativity and enterprise and respecting it in others.
  • Becoming a successful adult including initiating successful interdependent relationships and participating in communities.
  • Be aware, respectful, tolerant and supportive of intercultural and religious diversity.
  • Understanding that modern economic success will be based on the core forms of human creativity: arts and humanities, social and natural sciences and technologies.
  • Comprehending that 21st century success requires that individual rights be balanced with responsibilities to others, the community, environment and the planet and future generations.
  • Knowing the implications of and the opportunities offered by creating a modern society that has sustainable development, consumption, production and lifestyles.