Every student has their own personal IT device which is fundamental to learning and is at the centre of our paperless classrooms. Our ICT capacity enables students to take control of their learning through flexible, collaborative, self-paced 24/7 any place learning. Their device is used to access lesson content, process and manipulate data and manage their knowledge. Our campuses are fully wireless and teaching spaces are equipped with specialised interactive tools to facilitate digital collaboration. Our staff have all undertaken additional training that enables them to fully utilise this exceptional infrastructure and ensure that digital pedagogies are a feature of every class every day.

The overall vision for ICT at Queensland Academies is to allow higher learning to occur by making ICT an integral part of learning.


ICT enables:

  • Students to take control of their learning through flexible, collaborative, self-paced 24/7 learning using technology as a tool for complex thinking processes and meaningful learning
  • Staff to make connections with ICT professional development opportunities in order to maximise professional capability to further engage students in critical thinking and improve academic performance in all faculty areas
  • The teaching and learning process to be enhanced through a one-to-one laptop program which will take advantage of current and new technologies to facilitate higher order thinking.

To enable this to occur, ICT at the Academies is underpinned by the following strategic and operational processes:

  • Alignment with Department of Education and Training’s vision for Smart Classrooms
  • Multi-level/Multi-faceted approach to developing professionals’ capability in ensuring ICT is integral to learning
  • Strategic alliances and partnerships with industry, educational organisations, communities and key individuals
  • Secure online presence to facilitate access to learning management systems and digital portfolios
  • ICT Infrastructure, support processes and policies to ensure efficient operation of the facilities.