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We are Queensland's Top Performing High Schools

Queensland Academies is a set of three state schools for highly-capable students in Years 10 to 12. Our three campuses are located across Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Australia. A bridge between high school and tertiary study, the Academies are designed to maximise the potential of bright students and prepare them for university.

From 2019, the Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology will be open to students in Year 7.

Our Team

At Queensland Academies, we are committed to nurturing our students' academic, social and personal development in caring and safe learning communities. We believe in the importance of guiding students to become responsible and caring individuals, who are sensitive, open-minded and respectful of all cultures. We are dedicated to working in close partnership with students and parents and carers to ensure each student achieves to their potential.

Gavin Bryce


Queensland Academies Creative Industries Campus, Kelvin Grove

Vanessa Rebgetz


Queensland Academies Health Sciences Campus, Southport

Kath Kayrooz


Queensland Academies Science Mathematics and Technology Campus, Toowong

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