Community partnerships


Queensland Academies (QA) partner with universities and other schools.

University of Queensland

Upon successful completion of their IB Diploma students may also take advantage of the University of Queensland (UQ) Credit for International Baccalaureate students' arrangements. Students who have completed the IB Diploma can qualify for bonus entry points when applying for undergraduate degrees at UQ. Credit and/or exemption may be granted for studies in English, music, psychology, mathematics, biology, chemistry, engineering or software engineering. In the majority of cases, only IB Diploma subjects taken at the higher level (HL) will be considered for the award of credit and/or exemption. Language students will be required to attend a placement interview to ensure they are directed into the appropriate level of university study. It is anticipated that students who have studied a language at high level will be placed in more advanced streams.

Students may be awarded specified credit or unspecified credit, depending on the particular IB Diploma subject.

  • Specified credit means that the student does not have to undertake the specific course for which the credit is granted.
  • Unspecified credit means that the student is awarded credit towards an introductory level UQ program, but the credit is not awarded for a specific UQ course.

Details of subject credits available are on the University of Queensland IB Credit page.

Queensland University of Technology

As part of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) educational precinct, QA continues to forge a meaningful relationship with the university to provide key opportunities for students.

Arrangements regarding the Start QUT program have been negotiated to enable students to successfully complete a tertiary subject and have access to an extensive range of guaranteed entry degree programs. A number of advanced standing arrangements specifically addressing the Creative Industries Faculty at QUT have been established and continue to expand on these arrangements across the university faculties. For more information visit the QUT Creative Industry Faculty website.

Students who have completed the IB Diploma can qualify for bonus entry points when applying for undergraduate degrees at QUT. The entry bonus is added to the rank equivalent of the Queensland OP, or to the rank assigned to other Year 12 programs like the IB Diploma. Find out more about QUT bonuses.

Griffith University

The Queensland Academies are part of the Griffith University Valued Partners Program. This includes a series of Early Admissions Schemes including:

  • guests
  • arts/humanities
  • business
  • engineering
  • science
  • ICT.

The Queensland Academies have also worked with Griffith University to enable students to gain credit for approved IB course options. Students who have completed the IB Diploma can qualify for bonus entry points when applying for undergraduate degrees at Griffith University. Completion of specific IB Diploma subjects gives credit for up to 5 of the 8 first year common courses in the Griffith Health Foundation Year course within specified Griffith Health Degree programs. Alternatively completion of specific IB Diploma subjects plus completion of the Griffith Health Studies Certificate gives credit for first year and guaranteed admission to specified Griffith University Health Degrees. More details are available from Griffith University's IB diploma page.


Last reviewed 18 March 2020
Last updated 18 March 2020